19 November 2008

A Brief Note - I am Published!

Ok, the first time I was published was in a scientific journal. This time it is a tutorial for my Viking Knit bead caps in the December 2009 issue of Step-by-Step Wire. Page 36. Check it out.

Now I have 10 minutes left this morning to load the truck and leave for the craft show in Chicago. Later!!

18 November 2008

Too busy

It may sound strange, but I feel like I have been too busy to even post about being too busy! In mid-October I went to The War Eagle Fair in NW Arkansas, which was a tremendous success. Sales were excellent and people seemed very appreciative of my work. I camped in the open field provided for artists, as is usual for me, but I have to admit that next year I may consider getting a motel room. Nights can be cold and are very, VERY damp! By itself, this isn't really a problem, but it does get old after four nights.

Anyway, sales were so good that I had to work like crazy once I got home to get ready for the three four-day shows that I had scheduled in November. All three are put on by Huffman Productions, and have a reputation for high sales. I only had 10 days to resupply! I went to the first show in Omaha, hoping I would be able to get through the three shows with the inventory I had. Unfortunately, it now turns out that I have enough inventory. Way more than enough. Omaha was disappointing and the big show I just finished in Shakopee (MN) was downright awful. The only thing different from previous years is the economy. Many artists and crafters I talked to commented on how dramatically sales have decreased. I have one more to do (Chicago), and then after that....nothing. I had planned on taking most of December off to recover (my hands, wrists, and forearms need a break!) and then using January through March to develop new work and to begin to build my inventory for the spring shows. I still need the break, but now I am beginning to look at getting the season started in March instead of April. More later next week.