04 August 2008

A First for me -- First Place!

There were so many things I wanted to write about in the past 10 days, but constant traveling, art shows, and (more importantly) a lack of internet access have prevented it until now.  And now that I am at a WiFi spot in Chicago, the events of the past four days take precedence over describing a beautiful drive across the U.P.

One of my Viking knit necklaces won me First Place in the Jewelry Category at the Amish Acres Arts and Crafts Festival!  I think the judges were intrigued by the unusual technique, but it certainly doesn't hurt that the piece is stunning (in my opinion, at least).   Unfortunately for you readers, I cannot upload and post any photos of the necklace until I get home next week.  A bonus for the whole weekend was meeting and spending time talking with other wire jewelry artists who were at the show.  This was wonderful!

On a more somber note, attendance at the event were way, way, WAY down.  Apparently the festival usually has busloads of people coming down from Chicago, and is usually wall-to-wall with people.  Not so this year.  I did alright, sales-wise, even though I expected at least twice what I brought in.  Shows all summer have been very lightly attended and it makes me worry about next year.  It is too late to worry too much about this year since I am committed to doing shows through November.

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