15 December 2008

Winter Dance Out

Last Saturday, December 13th, was largely devoted to dancing with friends. Several of the local winter dance groups got together to tour in Northfield, MN, with a wonderful final stop at The Contented Cow, an English-style pub, where they had very, very good pasties! The teams on this tours were Shortsword (the rapper sword team I dance with), Great Northern Border, Crosby Lake Clatterers (Lancashire clog), Guyz With Tiez (longsword), and the host team, Wild Rose (longsword). Somehow, I managed to get photos only of Great Northern, Crosby Lake, and the Guyz. If someone sends me photos of Wild Rose and Shortsword, I'll post them later. We'll all be touring again in about a month when Shortsword hosts a pub crawl in downtown St. Paul.

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Perfectly Twisted said...

This is a very cool thing you do! I love this! If you're ever dancing to Colorado, you let me know... I'll move the moon to be there! ;)