04 March 2009

Viking Knit Set, Gold with Amber and Pearl

Here is the last of the photos I took recently of older work (last fall) with my new tabletop photo studio.  I particularly like the contrast between the jewelry and the background, and that the black background does not have any hot-spots.  I am still amazed at how much my photographs have improved!

These pieces were hand-woven using 26 gauge 14 karat gold-fill wire.  I love the combination of amber and pearls!  Both the necklace and earrings are listed for sale on my website.


Beth Ann said...

Your necklaces are gorgeous and I do like the amber, pearl and gold one. I am curious about technique... how do you draw the wire to make it more uniformÉ

Jan-Ra said...

Whenever I use pearls or gemstone chips, I pull the necklace chain by hand since it cannot go through a drawplate. The necklaces with pearls tend to be graduated, so to make sure the chain is symmetrical, I pull it only after the entire piece is woven and do a little at a time. I know when to add pearls and to stop weaving because I have been keeping data for years. Knowledge is power!!

Beth Ann said...

Thank you for the info. Knowledge IS power!