05 July 2008

Playing with the Soumak weave

I have come across several examples of the Soumak weave (a tapestry weaving technique) applied to fine wire, most notably by Barbara Berk. I love the patterns formed and tried it, first with some simple earrings and then with a bangle bracelet. The bracelet took several hours spread out over three days, since there is only just so much hand-coiling the hands can withstand at any one time! I began work on a large neckwire to match, but ran out of steam/time to work on it mid-way through. I'll probably finish it some time in September and will post a photo then.


Mei Tan said...

I never know that they have a name for this kind of weave and you know what? I have almost a similar idea for a pair of earring with the same weave, just don't have the time to turn it into reality.

Anyway, I love your work and if you don't mind i would like to link your blog to mine?

Unknown said...

That is beautiful wire work. I am just starting to explore wire knitting, weaving and so on and look for any inspiration I can get. Knowing how long it has taken me to get projects to turn out the way I want them I can only admire your handiwork!