11 July 2008

Back to the Show Season

I did not have a show last weekend, so even though I continued to work, it felt like a little vacation. I even had time to update the "necklaces" page of my website! Half of the pieces shown there were sold at shows, and I had not taken them off the site. I really need to be diligent about updating the site more often. Now I need to finish working on that page and then tackle the "earrings" page, which I haven't been happy with for a while. Some of those pieces are gone, plus I have a lot of work that is not shown on the website that should be there. I swear running the business takes more time than actually making jewelry!

This morning I will finish packing the truck, drop off Morgan at the kennel, and then drive to Brookings, South Dakota for the Brookings Summer Arts Festival. I did this show last year and not only had good sales, but had a great time as well. The park where the festival is held (Pioneer Park) is beautiful, with many large mature trees and gently curving paths. Last year my booth was situated just behind the "Children's stage," and I anticipated corny kids entertainment, but what I heard were several artists who performed smart, funny songs, and played great music. It was wonderful! I am hoping that I am in the same spot!

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