19 July 2008

Busy, busy week

This past week has been crazy busy. I got back from Brookings, SD, where sales were decent, but significantly down from last year, and immediately went to work in prepping for my next five shows, three of which are out of town. Plus, my truck had to go into the shop to repair vandalism damage. I promise to never lock the truck at the dog park ever again! There is nothing valuable inside and who wants to steal a 10 year old small pickup anyway?

I finally decided to go ahead and buy a laptop. Besides wanting to continue writing here in the coming three weeks while I am traveling, I don't want to spend an entire day reading the emails I have missed. Plus, I get occasional sales through my website and I am proud of providing a quick turn-around time on those orders. I wouldn't want an order to languish because I'm away from home with no internet access. I bought a used iBook from an eBay shop called applecoreparts. I mention their name specifically because they were Great to work with. I contacted them about being able to get an item up for bid in time before I left next week. They got back to me immediately and posted an identical item as "buy it now." I paid for the item around 2pm and the technician installed an AirPort card and got it shipped by 4pm!! Awesome service, in my opinion! There is even a chance that it will be delivered today. A new toy! I'm so excited!

Well, gotta run now. It is time to head back to the art show....

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