12 October 2008

Hammered Hearts Earrings

I subscribe to two magazines that contain jewelry projects, Step-by-Step Wire and Art Jewelry Magazine, and I while I study the articles, I rarely do any of them. Here is an exception. The Summer Preview 2008 issue of Step-by-Step Wire had a nice project by Sharilyn Miller that I finally played with this week. I found immediately that I didn't like the way the heart shape as she made it flowed into the earring hook portion, so I substituted my current method for making fibula pins. I also did a lot more hammering of the heart shape.

The leaf background shows the strange way my sugar maple is turning this year. I have never seen this pattern of green/yellow/orange/red in a single leaf before. These beautiful leaves are dropping from a single branch of my tree; the rest of the tree is still dark green. Go figure!

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Anonymous said...

I just love your stuff. I just recently started doing viking knit myself and have made a few pieces that are exclaimed over. But alas the economy is such that no one wants to spend money on anything. I have also done bead crochet which gives my sore fingers a rest. I loved your purple amethyst earrings, beautiful. Of course my money is all spent on silver and tools lately. It will pay off eventually I know!

Meleenia said...

I love the way your heart earrings turned out and was thinking of trying them myself. Your blog lights a creative fire under my proverbial undercarriage now and again. Thanks for your comments on mine and will continue to follow along your path as well.
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Dana said...

The earrings are lovely. I remember that article/tutorial myself, but I haven't tried making any yet.

The leaves are gorgeous!


Jan-Ra said...

I only made three pairs of these earrings, and two were sold at War Eagle. I actually had a hard time seeing them go because I think they are so adorable!

The rest of that maple tree is now turning, but not in the unique way these leaves did.

Tera said...

Jan, Gorgeous work! I love both the hammered hearts earrings and the foldforming pieces. It's great you have this site so we can track your creative process! See you Halloween eve?

Shillu said...


I love these! they are awesome!

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Betty BeadBug said...

The earrings are gorgeous...love them.