08 October 2008

Explorations in Foldforming

Here is my latest new book, Foldforming, by Charles Lewton-Brain.

An example project from the book was recently published in Art Jewelry Magazine, and while I didn't pay much attention to it on my first pass, a subsequent reading of that issue had me intrigued. Book in hand, I used the tools (20 oz. carpenter's hammer) and materials (28 gauge copper sheet) I had on hand for my first try at the "Romero fold." The resulting leaf shape has some interesting texture, but there were some issues. First, a carpenter's hammer is most definitely NOT the right tool for the job. Second, properly forming the copper requires that it is annealed, which my sheet was not, after the first few hammer blows. I had never done any annealing, so didn't really think about it.

After I ordered and received the proper hammer for the job, I tried again, this time annealing the copper periodically. I made a few ruffles (one of which I am making into an experimental pin), and more interestingly, a Rueger fold. That last one was fun! I successfully applied flux to the copper to prevent firescale, and successfully annealed the copper several times, allowing the copper to begin curling and flaring with successive hammer blows.


Beth Ann said...

WOW! I love your work. I read the article in Art Jewelry too and DH had some copper in his stash. Just haven't had time to do it yet! Such inspiration!

Jan-Ra said...

Thanks Beth Ann! The Rueger really was fun, because by the time I worked on it, I felt I was getting better at this whole annealing thing. It was cool to watch the copper actually move with each hammer blow! I bought some silver sheet, but I'm not brave enough to try it yet.

Janice said...

Lookin' good!! I love fold forming! :)

Perfectly Twisted said...

These are just beautiful - very unique!