24 September 2008

A New Tool

The great thing about working construction for 13 years was that I got to buy (and use!) power tools. I sure miss that aspect of the work. There is nothing like looking at all the options at the world's best tool store, bringing your choice home, and plugging it in for the first time. After years of use, these tools become as familiar as an old flannel shirt. Now I hardly see them anymore. Sigh. Making jewelry, at least so far, hasn't involved much in the way of tools. Sure, I've spent a fair amount of money on pliers and cutters with comfortable handles, but it just isn't the same. But I'm expanding my techniques, and for that I bought a hammer. A really, really nice hammer! My "hammer-arm" misses the work and is ready! This is a thing of beauty. The handle is silky-smooth and the head has the most fascinating curves. I will be wielding this hammer to whack the hell out of sheets of copper and silver! Be forewarned that I have another new book and intend to play!

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