18 September 2008

Obtuse Systems

I have been trying to pay my Illinois Sales Tax for almost a week, but their obtuse filing system is testing me! Their webfile system does not allow the user (me) to add locations, which should be dead easy to do! Instead, I have to call an office (multiple times since the line was busy; apparently they haven't figured out call waiting) and request that the location be added. The woman said it may take 24 hours to show up online. That was three days ago! What is the problem? No other state I have dealt with has such a convoluted sales tax system. Plus, I have to file every month, even though so far, I have only had two shows in IL all year. I hope they get with the program and put me on an annual filing status for next year (assuming they even allow that!).

OK. I am done venting now.

1 comment:

Carla said...

I believe they will automatically switch you to quarterly or annually depending on your sales.