11 September 2008

Project One-Spinner Necklace

A few days ago I said I had some new work to post, and here it is. Last week I got the new book by Mary Hettmansperger, Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet, which is all about using wire, sheet metal, and cold connections. While the work in the book has a very different "feel" from the work I do now, I find it compelling. My work tends to be very orderly, controlled, and symmetrical; I want to push myself to create with a little less order, and to explore new avenues. It just so happens that right after getting the book I stumbled upon Deryn Mentock's blog, and the jewelry challenge she is involved in to work through the projects in Mary's book. Great!! I am thrilled to participate, so here is my first project.

I have actually used five different metals for this project. The gold-color discs are brass. The large square has been textured with a ball pein hammer, while the front round has been domed with a dapping block. The silver-color triangle is galvanized steel flashing (I have lots of that from my days in construction!); I will be buying silver sheet later this week. The steel has been textured with an awl. The spacers between the large discs are copper coils, the Bali beads are sterling silver, and finally, the silver coils and the main wire are Argentium silver.

This was fun! You'll notice, however, that I still felt compelled toward bilateral symmetry....


Deryn Mentock said...

Welcome to the challenge! I'm glad you joined us. Love your spinner necklace. This was one of my fave projects!

MJ Alexander said...

Jan -

Welcome to the challenge! I love your first piece - what a great idea to use copper coils for spacers. I also love the galvanized steel, as it lends an industrial feel to the piece. Great job!

Molly Alexander

Jan-Ra said...

The one thing I do not like about this piece is that the brass is too thin. It feels (and sounds) too lightweight and insubstantial for its size. I may try again with heavier sheet (awaiting UPS even now!).