15 September 2008

Viking Knit Order

I took some pics of this piece before mailing it off to its proud new owner. This chain is woven with 66 feet of 24 gauge 14kt. gold-fill wire, all single-knit stitch. I usually make my own hooks, but the client specifically requested the lobster claw. This took a long time to weave, but I very much like the impressive "presence" that the finished piece has.


Mei (WireBliss) said...

Wow! Awesome piece. I am sure the new owner would loveeee it.

Maz Simpson said...

Wow - just beautiful! I can't imagine how long something like this would take.. you must have incredible patience!

Jan-Ra said...

Thanks for the comments! The new owner does indeed love it, and now wants hoop earrings to match! I think I will start another necklace, but even bigger!