05 January 2009

More Fun with Coral and Viking Knitting

The four stitch double knit chain that was jettisoned from the coral pendant shown in the previous post got a new life! I cut a section off the original chain to use with this piece that I made on Sunday. Eight stitches worked on a large dowel incorporating a new stock of red coral chips. The resulting piece has a fascinating feel, spongy and squishy, and I have a hard time keeping my hands off it! I quite like this design and already have plans for a few more like it, but with other stones (turquoise comes to mind). This piece was mailed off last night to be photographed by Larry Sanders for use in applying to shows. I can't wait to see my new professional jury photos!

Posted by Jan Raven on http://wovenwire.blogspot.com.
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Perfectly Twisted said...

This just blows my mind. Outstanding! The intricate chain and how you've worked the link sizes and the beads into that, is realllly nice, very detailed and well done my friend!