02 January 2009

Viking knit chain with red coral pendant

I spent a few days this week modifying an older piece of work. Originally, this pendant was on a four-stitch double knit silver chain with a coordinating hook. It never really met my own vision of what it should look like, mostly because the chain had been pulled through too small of a hole. It looks OK, but I don't like the look of very tightly pulled chains, and the chain diameter was not the correct scale for the large pendant. I was paging through my sketchbook and found a sketch for a different type of pendant suspended on a short length of Viking knit, bracketed by two small hand-coiled links. Perfect!

I made the 5-inch segment of 5-stitch double knit and the two links to match the pendant, then made a new length of 4-stitch double knit (not pulled so tightly!) and a new hook to match my current style of coordinating hooks. I am very pleased with the outcome! I made this piece a little long (22"), so it looks great on a black turtleneck. I am planning on including this piece in my next round of jury photos (to be taken on Monday!).

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Beth Ann said...

This looks rich! Great job