27 June 2008

Best of Intentions

I had this efficient plan for the day. Take my dog to the kennel, visit the cat at the vet, make some rings and earrings, meet a client to exchange a bracelet (needs a bigger size), drive to Duluth and set up my booth, relax in the evening. Well, I accomplished the first item, and then my radiator died. Fortunately, I was across from a mechanic, and --Bonus!-- they could do the work today! So I spent the better part of my day in Starbucks and then killing time in some antique shops. I was extremely pleased to find an old (1952) book that is a novelized retelling of the trip taken by the steamboat the "Talisman" in 1832 in which Abraham Lincoln played a significant role. I am a complete Lincoln Nut and am very excited by this find! Anyway, I had to scrap most of my plans for the day after that. I couldn't even go to Duluth because the area was getting thunderstorms, with radar indicating more on the way and who wants to set up a canopy in a thunderstorm? Of course this means I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning.... It is now 11pm; gotta go!!

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