25 June 2008

Better Late Than Never

I tried to start a blog last fall, but became swamped by all the work I was putting into redesigning my website. I got a little sick of spending hours in front of the computer and couldn't muster more time writing regularly, so I abandoned the effort. Fast forward 8 months, and I feel able to write a bit more regularly now. Mostly I feel like I have more to say.

I spent a lot of time over the winter remodeling both my bathroom (finally!) and my art show booth. I must say that while I feel the redesign of the booth has been a real success, continued use has illuminated new drawbacks. I imagine that in a year or two, it will undergo a major revision again.

Here are some before and after photos of my booth set-up. The new set-up was done in a warehouse in January (it being cold and snowy at the time) and isn't quite finished since a few items related to the panels hadn't been delivered yet. The new panel layout puts earrings and pendants at eye-level, and indeed, my sales of earrings have increased a lot. I also make more types of earrings, so the variety has also seemed to increase sales.

I just bought a new Trimline canopy, so when I get a nice sunny day with no wind, I will take some photos of the "real" new set-up. More to come!

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