26 June 2008

My cat uses one of her lives

Two days ago my cat, Coraline (taken from Neil Gaiman's book), had a mysterious mishap in the middle of the night. I found her curled up on my back deck lying in dried blood and looking quite beat up about the face. She also appeared unable to walk. Wah! I managed to get her to the vet and today she had surgery to wire together a broken lower jaw and remove a broken canine. She has two other broken canines, which may need to be pulled later, and a fractured pelvis. The vet and I speculated about what happened and we believe that she fell off a roof after getting her collar caught on something (the collar is missing) and either wasn't able to right herself in time or hit something on the way down. I can't even imagine what it took for her to make it from where she landed up six steps to the back deck. Maybe she used up a few of the "nine lives" just getting home. Poor Kitty!

She is a great cat. She will often follow me around the house and lay down near (or on) me. Three years ago when I was painting the eaves of my house, she would lay in the gutter and reach around to play with my hair. If I moved to the other side of the house, she'd follow too. She is smart, sweet, and implacable. A great cat. I sure hope she heals up.

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Amy's The Painted House and More said...

I had a cat that died last year. He looked just like her! He was a great cat too. He acted like a dog more than a cat. He wasn't a jumper and followed me around and would plop down in front of me to be petted. I hope she is okay now!