30 June 2008

An update on Coraline

I got Coraline from the vet today and she looks much better! She no longer has a swollen lower jaw, instead it is shaved and now she has a twist of wire coming out of the bottom. This stays in place for six weeks!! I can't imagine we are going to get through six weeks without it snagging on fabric. Her fractured pelvis, while still painful (she growls fiercely when she moves) must be healing well since she is able to sit briefly and reposition herself and -bonus!- can use the litter box, more or less. She is supposed to be confined to a crate (it is a big wire dog crate) for four to six weeks, and I can already tell that in a few weeks there is going to be a battle between us; me struggling to keep her inside and her struggling to escape and get on with her normal life. sigh. In the meantime, I get my head and arms in the crate door to give her some attention and to make sure she eats while Morgan hovers behind me, hoping in vain that the bowl of wet cat food is really meant for her!

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